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Pest Control in Dubai

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Pest Control In Dubai

Are you looking for pest control in Dubai. Then you are in right place  Pest Control Me provide best best control services in Dubai. If are you facing any Pest related problem then contact  us.

Our team is a professional in pest control services in Dubai. We are government certified pest control companies in Dubai UAE. If your life is disturbed due to bed bugs or any other dangerous insects then contact us

Our pest control services available all around Dubai, UAE, Company aim is to keep your office, and home pest free.

Everybody knew Dubai is located in a desert it’s mean absolutely the people of the UAE must be facing dangerous insects, Many insects are not humanly dangerous but some are very dangerous for human-like bed bugs, and cockroaches these insects lived with a human. 

Bed bugs sucking human blood and cockroach ping on the human body.

So, our pest control in Dubai provides one solution for all these insects. Pest removing powder our all insect-killing powders are certified from National Pest Control LLC UAE

We provide the following services

  1. Bed Bug Infestation
  2. Cockroach Pest Control
  3. Termite Control Spray
  4. Rat Pest Control

Bed bugs are very dangerous insects in Dubai. Bed Bugs one of the most difficult insects to eradicate. They don’t only live in beds they also inhabit skirting boards and cracks and crevices in the bedroom, so our team searches every part of your room because  we are best pest control company in Dubai

Bed-Bugs feed blood from the human body. At night they detect a person with body heat when the person breathing or snores out in the night.

Actually, Dubai is a situated nearby sea, that is the main reason they have a huge quantity of these insects. But don’t worry Global pest control best pest control company in Dubai have a solution to all these problems feel free and book an appointment

Cockroaches have many types but the most famous types are American, Australian, oriental, and smoky brown cockroach.our pest control operator provides the best treatment for all kinds of cockroaches. 

We have pest control powder. That is approved by UAE authorities, that attract cockroaches. A cockroach can consume the bait and then return to its colony where it will spread the bait to other cockroaches before it dies one cockroach that has been exposed to the powder can kill up to fifty-four additional other cockroaches. 

Termite is an insect that lived in your home or office and eats your wooden furniture. so often you tab on your furniture you can find that the wood sounds hollow. In this way, you easily determine where is termite. we have an anti-spray that is approved by government authorities.
we remove all termite in your home or office so book an appointment today.


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Global pest control companies in Dubai used eco-friendly techniques with the of using methods and chemicals that are not harmful even when exposed.

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Pests play important role in eco system but long term solution for outbreak prevention is necessary so pest control companies provide solution

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A clean home and regular pest control is the most effective way to keep pests out of your home or workplace



cockroach pest control in dubai

Cockroach pest control

termite pest control in dubai

Termite pest control

rat pest control company in dubai

Rats pest control in Dubai

What is pest Control?

Pest control is a technique of minimizing or removing undesirable insects and other pests from the office. home or any other public building.

There are the following pest control types.

  • General Pest Treatment
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Termite Treatment
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Mosquito Control

In general-pest, we provide pest control services for Ants, moths, spider, rodent fleas moths, carpets beauties, silverfish, bed bugs and, Cockroaches, and all other undesirable insects.

In commercial-pest, we remove unwanted guests (Insects) from your office building, retail stores, hotels, cafes, serviced offices, medical centers, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Termite-pest control is a type of pest control in which the pest control team uses a borate wood treatment. borate is an enduring termite killer its kill all colonies of unwanted pests

In bed bug treatment we clean your home curtains, linens, and clothes with hot water and dry these at hot temperatures.

Pest Control in Dubai

We know how to protect your home, business, and your family from these insects!

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NPC in dubai

2.1m mosquito breeding sites eliminated in Abu-Dhabi

The federal govt of UAE takes a great initiative for the health pest control projects division at Abu Dubai waste management center (Tadweer) executed an intensive program to control public health pests all around the emirate.

pest control by uae government

Never allow unlicensed pest control, UAE authorities warn

Authorities in typically the emirate have cautioned citizens against using the providers of un-licensed pest control compaies. This could demonstrate dangerous to health plus even fatal at instances, they warned.

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Pesticide control: 12 things you need to know

The rules are similar across the emirates. These are governed by the Federal Law 41 for 1992, the Ministerial Decree No.13 for 2012 and the Cabinet Decision No. 27 for 2012. At the national level, the Ministry of Environment and Water regulates what chemicals can be used in what ways.

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